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Maple Lake Recovery Center programs provide substance abuse recovery services specifically designed for adolescents ages 13 – 18. We combine professional clinical services with a 12-step foundation to help Minnesota teens and their families recover from alcohol and drug addictions

We offer a full range of adolescent recovery treatment services for substance abuse disorders including initial assessments, outpatient, residential, and aftercare. Our focus remains on education, discipline, and positive peer and staff interactions that allow clients to rediscover the wholesomeness of their youth without using mood-altering chemicals.

In 2016, Maple Lake Recovery Center clients experienced:

  • *90% patient satisfaction rating across treatment services
  • 80% graduation rate in our boy’s residential program

*2016 client satisfaction rates, Survey Monkey©

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Beat Teenage Addiction

What is Treatment?

Don’t Waste Another Day. Your New Life Starts Here.

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Every kid deserves a chance. Maple Lake Recovery Centers provide assessment and referral services for teens who exhibit signs of substance use disorders ranging from risky behavior to heavy abuse or signs of dependence.

Our goal remains simple: We are here to help as many adolescents as possible recover from addiction and realize their dreams through developing the skills needed to contribute to family, community, and the world by living a meaningful and effective life without drugs or alcohol. We continue to be recognized as a “provider of choice” of unique, effective adolescent substance abuse recovery services.

Admission is by appointment only. Once admitted, our goal is to get them into a group therapy session on the same day so new residents can meet their peers & counselors and feel welcome.

We encourage all families to actively enroll their children in private or public health insurance exchange plans prior to admission at any Maple Lake Recovery Center. Rule 25 funding pays for treatment costs but does not cover medical care, medical appointments, or medications. Maple Lake Recovery Centers do not provide free medical care.

Teen Addiction Treatment

Help a Child BEAT Addiction.

Don’t Waste Another Day. Your New Life Starts Here.

Family Education Is Key

Maple Lake Recovery Center program all focus on the belief that recovery starts at home. We provide several family education and outreach services designed to aid in the process of recovery from adolescent addition.

Our programs are designed and offered to help family members deal more effectively with the challenges of adolescent drug and alcohol abuse and the associated behaviors. This not only helps family members to understand the dynamic of the disease of addiction, it also provides to the family members the opportunity to discuss parenting issues and understand the goals of the treatment process.

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Family Education Day

All Family Education Days are held at the McHugh Building (Admissions Office) at 33 Birch Avenue in Maple Lake, MN from 8:45 am to 2:30 pm (lunch provided).

Upcoming dates include:

October 20th

November 17th

December 15th

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