Adolescent Alcohol and Drug Assessments

Is Your Teen Struggling with Addiction? Start Here.

Maple Lake Recovery Center, Inc. provides drug and alcohol abuse assessments for teens involved at any stage of drug and alcohol use.

We start with a brief phone screen with either concerned parents, friends, court or social services, employers, church contacts, community support programs, or insurance company representatives and make sure we identify your specific needs. We may recommend a more comprehensive assessment, or refer you to an agency that can help with your specific needs.

We are part of a large community of dedicated care providers.

To have a chemical dependency assessment completed please call our Assessment and Admissions Counselor at 651-338-3317.


Teenage drug & alcohol abuse assessments

For Assessment or Residential Adolescent Admissions
call 651-338-3317.


Maple Lake Recovery Center, Inc. complies with all local, state, and federal regulations regarding confidentiality of client information.

The Journey begins here. Call 651-338-3317.

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