Does Your Teen Have a Problem?

Adolescent Substance Abuse Warning Signs

Have You Answered “Yes” to Any of the Following?

Though not definitive, the following items are cited as typical warning signs associated with possible adolescent alcohol and drug abuse cited by George Ross Ph.D., a leading expert on adolescent alcohol and drug abuse assessment. (*reprinted with permission)

  • ┬áHas your child become secretive?
  • ┬áHas your child changed friends?
  • Have your child’s school grades declined?
  • Has your child become rebellious and defiant?
  • Does your child avoid parental contact upon arrival at home?
  • Have you ever found suspicious items?
  • Have you ever noticed your child’s eyes?
  • Does your child have persistent and chronic colds or respiratory congestion?
  • Do you and your spouse frequently disagree or argue about your child’s behavior?
  • Have you ever tried to cover up or make excuses for your child’s behavior instead of discussing the situation with your friends, relatives, or school personnel?
Adolescent Substance Abuse Warning Signs

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