Residential Boys Treatment

Adolescent males can get lost in addiction and substance abuse disorders, robbed of their formative years in life, become filled with anger, rage, worry, and fear; the emotional byproducts of drug and alcohol use and the behaviors that come with them. Young men at a crossroads; heartbreaking and worrisome, “How do we stop this…what can we do?” is the cry of everyone concerned.

Maple Lake Recovery Centers’ (MLRC) 16-bed residential addiction treatment program for males offers teens aged 13-18 and their families, a structured, safe, yet challenging recovery environment where they can grow in self-esteem, emotional maturity; a place they can reclaim their youth by becoming responsible young men. Our chemical dependency treatment program is designed to reintegrate boys back into home and community sober, with effective sober support systems, 12 step meeting experience, improved planning, problem solving, and decision making skills, and a history of successes in recovery upon which to build a better future.

Treatment Services and Approaches at Maple Lake Recovery Center

Licensed alcohol and drug counselors (LADCs), mental health providers, and educational professionals provide our core services:

  • Chemical dependency, addiction, and mental health counseling services, including group, individual, and family counseling for substance use disorders
  • Mental health diagnostic assessments, medication management, sub-acute treatment for co-occurring disorders, and coordination of psychiatric evaluations
  • Educational programming including IEPs and specialty alternative learning center services
  • Family educational programming, counseling, and therapy
  • Team building, experiential, and fun activities including summer camping and ropes courses
  • Exposure to 12 step programs, activities, and philosophy
  • Peer bonding, role modeling, relationship building, communication skills, behavioral therapy
  • Problem-solving, decision-making, prioritizing skills
  • Behavioral analysis, reinforcement, and reward strategies
  • Relapse prevention skills, refusal skills, values-based decision-making skills

We use counseling, structure, activity, behavioral goals and rewards, an intimate environment, and 12-Step exposure to guide and support our clients to choose more effective methods, make better choices, and improve their behaviors. The more quickly client’s achieve program goals, the sooner they achieve freedoms within the community.

We focus on five main goals with our clients and families:

  • We emphasize 12 step values: Honesty, Openness and Willingness: Cornerstones of personal growth
  • We engage clients in establishing and maintaining healthy relationships
  • We begin clients on the path of ongoing self-improvement and learning
  • We resolve client and family issues surrounding substance abuse disorders
  • We have clients demonstrate improved decision making, problem solving, and communication skills

Program Staff. The program staff at MLRC consists of a Program Director and Counselors, Admission Coordinator, House Manager, Chemical Dependency Technicians, Overnight CD Techs/Cook, as well as medical, nursing, psychiatric and behavioral health consultants. The academic/educational professionals are provided by the Meeker and Wright Special Education Co-operative school district. MLRC is governed by the Maple Lake Recovery Center, Inc. Board of Directors and an Executive Director.

We are a smoke free facility, a caffeine free facility, and a candy and gum free facility. Tobacco products are strictly prohibited, however we do allow families to provide a two-week supply of smoking cessation nicotine gum (2 mg dosage only), that they may request after meals; to be kept in the unit office and dispensed by staff.  We take these issues seriously and ask that you respect our judgment in these matters.

Families are expected to attend our family programming while their son is in treatment held the third Friday of every month from 8:45 am until 2:30 pm.  This educational day helps to inform and support the families during this difficult time.

The Journey begins here. Call 651- 338- 3317.