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Maple Lake Recovery Centers' programs all focus on the belief that recovery starts at home. We provide several family education and outreach services designed to provide support for families in the process of recovery from adolescent addition.

Mother and daughter healing from the effects of addiction.

Can You Answer “Yes” To Any Of The Following?

Though not definitive, the following items are cited as typical warning signs associated with possible adolescent alcohol and drug abuse cited by George Ross, PhD, a leading expert on adolescent chemical assessments for drug and alcohol abuse. (reprinted with permission)

Comprehensive Assessment

Family Education Is Key

Addiction is called a “family disease”. Our goal is to support the family through education as they heal from the harmful effects of addiction.

Our programs are designed to help family members deal more effectively with the challenges of adolescent drug and alcohol abuse and the associated behaviors. This not only helps family members understand the dynamics of addiction, it also provides family members the opportunity to discuss parenting issues and understand the goals of the treatment process.

Our education events and programs will help you work through the chaos you’ve experienced, set healthy boundaries with your adolescent, and rebuild trusting relationships. Our program is built as a support for families – we’re here for you and your teen.

Upcoming Events

Family Education Day

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