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Maple Lake Recovery Centers provide effective co-occurring addiction treatment and recovery treatment services for adolescent substance abuse disorders. Addiction treatment services can include initial assessments, residential treatment and aftercare.

Since 1997, our teen addiction treatment model has utilized proven and effective treatment strategies to help teens and their families in recovery from drug and alcohol addiction. Our focus remains on adolescent abstinence, sobriety, teen and family education, teaching problem solving and decision making skills as well as positive peer and staff interactions. Our treatment plans allow teens to demonstrate lasting change and recover their youth.

Adolescent receiving treatment for his addiction

Adolescents can get lost in addiction and substance abuse disorders, robbed of their formative years in life. Let us help get them back on the right path.

Addiction Treatment Services & Approaches

Our services and approaches include:

We focus on five main goals with our clients and families:

  1. Personal growth through 12 step values;
  2. Engaging, establishing, and maintaining healthy relationships;
  3. Ongoing self-improvement and learning;
  4. Resolution of client and family issues surrounding substance abuse disorders;
  5. Demonstrating improved decision making, problem solving, and communication skills.

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Maple Lake Recovery Centers consists of a 16-bed male residential facility and a separate 8-bed female residential facility at Prairie House Recovery Center for teens between the ages of 13-18 struggling with addiction and substance use disorders. These facilities provide an intimate, homelike, and safe atmosphere with a focus on addiction treatment, recovery, and sober living. A recovery environment is offered where kids can be challenged, growing in self-esteem and emotional maturity. It's a place they can reclaim their youth by becoming responsible young people.

The female adolescent residential program is housed in the 8-bed Prairie House Recovery Center in Monticello.

Girls Brochure

The male adolescent residential program is housed in the 16-bed Maple Lake Recovery Center facility in Maple Lake.

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Our Staff

The program staff consists of:

Educational Services

We retain academic and educational professionals from the Meeker and Wright Special Education Cooperative school district for the male adolescent program and the Monticello school district for the female adolescent program. Maple Lake Recovery Center and Prairie House Recovery Center are governed by the Maple Lake Recovery Center, Inc. Board of Directors and an Executive Director.

Tobacco- & Caffeine-Free Facility

We are a smoke-free, caffeine-free, candy-free, and gum-free facility. Tobacco products are strictly prohibited, however, we do allow families to provide a two-week supply of smoking cessation nicotine gum (2mg dosage only) which they may request after meals. This nicotine gum is to be kept in the unit office and dispensed by staff. We take these issues seriously and ask that you respect our judgment in these matters.

Family Education Day

All families are expected to participate in family programming when their adolescent is in addiction treatment, held the third Friday of every month from 8:45 a.m.-2:30 p.m. Family education day helps to inform and support the families during this difficult time.

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Privacy Policy

Maple Lake Recovery Center, Inc. complies with all local, state, and federal regulations regarding confidentiality of client information.